April Wu

China Market Strategy

November 11, 2014

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Retail News Roundup – Nov 11

The top 5 retail news clips in Asia this week.

1 – Gap surpasses 100 stores in Greater China

Gap Inc. reported recently that it has surpassed 100 Gap branded stores across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwa in mid-October, or less than four years after the first Gap store debuted in 2010. >>

2 – How Chinese shoppers are different from western shoppers

Chinese e-commerce is still blossoming; more than half of China’s online shoppers shoppers have only made their first digital purchase in the past four years. >>

3 – Uniqlo’s Rapid China Expansion: 200 New Stores in Smaller Chinese Cities

Fast Retailing, parent of Uniqlo, is planning to expand into smaller Chinese cities – tier two, three and even tier four cities – to generate further growth. Uniqlo will add 200 stores this fiscal year and expects profits to grow by 34 percent. >>

4 – Burger King opens first restaurant in India

Burger King Worldwide Inc. has opened its first restaurant in India at the Select Citywalk, Saket in New Delhi.  >>

5 – Metro expands hypermarket chain

Metro Retail Stores Group has opened its 11th Super Metro hypermarket and promises more in larger provincial cities of the Philippines. >>


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