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@chriswhubbard Market Strategy

March 11, 2014

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Retail News Roundup – Mar 11

The top 5 retail news clips in Asia this week.

1 – Longchamp to ramp up China presence

While rivals such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci are retreating from further expansion to maintain exclusivity, French luxury handbag brand Longchamp plans to up its presence in China. >>

2 – Fast food chains boom in Korea

US brands McDonald’s and Subway plan to take bigger slices of the Korean fast food market. McDonald’s says it plans to more than double its network in Korea to 103 stores before the year ends, from the current 53 it has opened since landing in the nation in 2010. >>

3 – Analysts see e-commerce as a possible backdoor entry for Walmart into India

The marketplace e-commerce model, which does not restrict foreign investment, seems the best bet available at this point for tapping the Indian retail market for Walmart, the US giant in this sector, say analysts. >>

4 – Ministop in rapid Philippine expansion

Japanese convenience chain Ministop, through local operator Robinsons Convenience Stores, will open 100 new stores in the Philippines this year. >>

5 – Chinese brands shed “cheap” stereotype at rapid pace

 When people hear the words “made in China”, stereotypical images of cheaply made, low-quality goods are fading faster than anyone had originally imagined.


That’s the conclusion of a new study released by brand consultancy FutureBrand, which surveyed 1,050 consumers worldwide to gauge brands’ reputations based on their country of origin. Chinese brands ranked ninth on the list of those consumers would be most likely to purchase, coming in ahead of South Korea this year. >>


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