April Wu

China Market Strategy

December 2, 2014

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Retail News Roundup – Dec 2

The top 5 retail news clips in Asia this week.

1 – Online will be the main growth source for luxury

Luxury brands have been improving the shopping experience for their customers through their digital presence. Thanks to e-commerce, more luxury brands are now breaking down the physical boundaries of new markets such as China. >>

2 – Alipay and US stores set out easy payment

ALIBABA Group’s payment affiliate Alipay has teamed up with leading US department stores to allow Chinese shoppers to pay with their Alipay accounts as it taps their growing demand on overseas websites. >>

3 –  Korea’s AmorePacific Poised for Success in China’s Booming Beauty Market

China’s obsession with Korean pop culture is fueling the success of Amore Pacific, South Korea’s largest cosmetics company according to sales. >>

4 – Bosideng sales, stores shrink

Bosideng, the largest down apparel company in mainland China, says sales slumped nearly 20 per cent in the half year to September 30 as its store network shrunk and Chinese tightened their purse strings.  >>

5 – Social media store launches in Bangkok

A new “teen to teen” transaction-based virtual retail platform has been launched in Bangkok, allowing teens to create an account for free, advertise and sell products online. >>


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