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August 26, 2014

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Retail News Roundup – August 26

The top 5 retail news clips in Asia this week.

1 – Macy’s Said Near Deal in China

“Senior executives are said to have flown out to China last week, raising speculation that the $28 billion department store chain was close to signing a deal there.” >>

2 – Adidas debuts its originals ‘neighborhood’ flagship store in Shanghai

The iconic three stripes of German sportswear retailer Adidas have a new home in Shanghai. In July, the company opened its first Adidas Originals “Neighbourhood” flagship store on Shanghai’s Nanjing Road. Taking over the old Jia Hotel building, the facade was kept as is to preserve the historic architecture of the building and to integrate into the neighborhood>>

3 – Sheng Siong expands into China

Singapore supermarket operator Sheng Siong is partnering with Kunming Lu Chen Group to open China stores.

Sheng Siong and food products manufacturer and distributor Kunming Lu Chen Group have entered into an agreement to form a joint venture that will operate the supermarket brand in the mainland China. >>

4 – RCom to expand retail reach, revamp 100 outlets in India

India’s Reliance Communications (RCom), the Anil Ambani-controlled cellular operator, plans to revamp its company-owned 100 retail outlets, known as Reliance World Store to experience zones, and will continue expanding its retail presence through franchisees. >>

5 – Indonesia to revise rules on modern retail shops, franchises

The Indonesian government plans to revise two trade ministry regulations on modern retail shops and franchises, which it claims will improve the business climate in the domestic retail industry.

The changes in both rules may include removing the trade minister’s requirements on the sourcing of goods and scrapping the maximum number of retail shops and franchises permitted for business owners, according to Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi. >>

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