Edward Eng

Business Development Manager

December 5, 2013

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Why SNO Is The New SEO For Retailers

An 8 minute presentation by Edward Eng.


Presentation Summary

The advent of the internet gave way to a flood of websites which created the sudden need for powerful SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) strategies, but as trends show retailers shifting their focus back to physical store networks, a new offline strategy is being embraced by retailers, SNO. In this getchee-8 presentation Edward Eng introduces the SNO concept and explains how retailers can start using it to update and enhance their retail strategies.


Edward Eng is a Business Development Manager with over 10 years experience in emerging market research and trends that focus on retailing and food industries throughout Asia.

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Who can benefit from this presentation?

This getchee-8 presentation is for anyone in the retailing industry who needs to understand the latest strategy trends and technologies for retail expansion planning.

What will you learn?

  • How SEO came to be
  • Why attention is shifting from online back to offline
  • How to gain a better understanding of your retail networks
  • What SNO is and why it’s important
  • What retailers can do with SNO

Additional Materials 

Presentation PDFDownload
SNO guide PDFDownload

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