April Wu

China Market Strategy

September 1, 2017

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Fast Fashion in China: Facts You Should Know About Key Players

Uniqlo and H&M dominate China market in T2-T3 cities.

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The fast fashion industry in China has been changing and continuing to grow at a moderate pace. With the increasing purchase power of middle-class, key international players all expect to expand current network over three years. From the chart < 2017 Fast Fashions Door Share in China>, we learned that Uniqlo and H&M dominate China market in T2-T3 cities. Let’s see more network planning strategies for 4 international fast fashion retailers.

fast fashion door share in china 2017

Key Findings:

  • Uniqlo spreads out nationwide and enters most of T2 & T3 cities.
  • H&M shares similar strategy to Uniqlo but focuses more on the East coast and the South.
  • Both GAP and Zara expands more conservatively in fewer cities. GAP focuses on Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou areas, whereas Zara spreads more evenly.