April Wu

China Market Strategy

September 9, 2015

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Banking News This Week – Sep 9

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 – Kenya’s I&M holdings says plans to buy Giro commercail bank

Kenya’s I&M Holdings said on Monday it planned to buy a locally-owned Giro Commercial Bank for an undisclosed amount. >>

2 – Accessibility to financial services: the key to fighting Africa’s poverty?

Despite being difficult to access, financial services in Africa are a tool in the fight against poverty and increasing development. >>

3 – East Africa emerges as a trade hub

East Africa is emerging as a trade hub to rival sub-Saharan Africa’s two heavyweight states of South Africa and Nigeria, according to analysis by Barclays published on Thursday. >>

4 – ASEAN banks to accelerate branch presence in Viet Nam

The number of banks from ASEAN countries is expected to increase in Viet Nam in the coming years as the domestic banking market opens following the carrying out of regional integration commitments. >>

5 – Consumers dissatisfied with digital banking

A recent report published by Bank Administration Institute (BAI) and SAS claims banks have not been keeping up with the digital demands from customers. >>

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