April Wu

China Market Strategy

September 30, 2015

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Banking News This Week – Sep 30

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 – Sending cash home: mobile money is a gamechanger

With more mobile money accounts than bank accounts in Burundi, the country is a good testing ground for trialling remittances by mobile. >>

2 – Kenyans can now buy government bonds through their cellphones

Kenyan retail investors will be able to buy government bonds and receive interest through their mobile wallets, under a new government initiative, ‘M-Akiba’. >>

3 – Global consumer survey: 68 percent of respondents not using mobile financial services

A new global survey around mobile financial services (MFS) revealed that more than 68 percent of the respondents have yet to use mobile financial services, and that new innovative solutions for savings, loans, and insurance will drive the next phase of mobile financial services growth across emerging and mature markets. >>

4 – Going for alternate mobile money channels

Banks are abandoning telecommunication networks to create alternate channels to support mobile money platforms and give subscribers value for their money. This new digital platform may define the success of mobile payment in future without involving telcos. >>

5 – Africa lender uses phone stats, not credit checks, to make loans

The company builds a picture of its customers from thousands of data points in calling records, ranging from who they’ve phoned to airtime and data purchases and other mobile transactions. The information it collects has helped it increase lending to almost 1 million loans a month of less than $200 across eight African countries. >>

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