April Wu

China Market Strategy

September 10, 2014

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Banking News This Week – Sep 10

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 -Apple iPhone 6 to feature mobile wallet NFC payment system

New contactless mobile payments service will put Apple in competition with PayPal, Google, US mobile networks and banks. >>

2 – Mobile Payments Pioneer: I’m Betting on Bitcoin For Emerging Markets

For mobile payments pioneer and venture capitalist Carol Realini, the financial world is divided into three camps: those who believe in bitcoin, those who don’t understand it and those have yet to consider or study its technology. >>

3 -Financial Marketers Unprepared For Era Of Big Data

Despite the power of combining internal and external data, most financial institutions still lack the ability to capture and process big data for the benefit of the consumer. For those organizations that can leverage demographic, product, transactional and behavioral data, the benefits are endless. >>

4 – Barclays’ Harte: Alibaba and the forty fears of bank transformation

Michael Harte, chief operations and technology officer at Barclays, says the growth of Chinese online e-commerce business Alibaba is the threat that keeps him awake at night – and that major banks could be in danger of losing touch with their own customers. >>

5 -Nigerian Banks: A case for Real-time Data Acquisition

Real-time data is crucial to corporate planning, forecasting and strategic decision-making. Hence, it is clear why corporate customers in the country are demanding that banks provide reliable and accessible real-time data. Countries all over Africa – including Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy — are making every effort to increase their levels of regulatory compliance in an attempt to keep up with legislative and economic requirements. >>

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