April Wu

China Market Strategy

May 6, 2015

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Banking News This Week – May 6

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 – More major mergers underway in Vietnam’s banking sector

At least six mergers and acquisitions are being planned among commercial banks in Vietnam, where three similar deals have taken place this year as part of the government’s efforts to consolidate the overcrowded banking sector. >>

2 – Banking on technology in Indonesia

Indonesia is trying to tap into technology to get people to use less cash, even though less than a quarter of its 250 million people have bank accounts and electronic money systems are still being refined and regulated. >>

3 – How mobile money is saving Africa $2bn annually

Mobile phones have proven to be potential game-changers in boosting access to financial products and services to people in Africa. >>

4 – Telecom firms are becoming rivals for banks

The increasing volume of financial transactions made on these phones has enabledtelecommunications companies across the continent to set themselves up as major competitors in the banking business. >>

5 – China rethinks safety net for its banking system

With the introduction of deposit insurance on Friday, Beijing is looking to shake the public’s faith, namely the long-held belief that the government will bail out troubled banks. In short, China is trying to introduce risk into the system. >>

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