April Wu

China Market Strategy

January 28, 2015

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Banking News This Week – Jan 28

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 – Africa: Mobile Banking Will the Help the Poor Transform Their Lives

The key to this will be mobile phones. Already, in the developing countries with the right regulatory framework, people are storing money digitally on their phones and using their phones to make purchases, as if they were debit cards. >>

2 – Insiders Call for Integration between Internet Financing and Banks

Chinese financial industry observers are calling for an integration of the country’s traditional financial institutions and the emerging internet financing market. >>

3 – Banks taking over financial firms shapes a growing trend

VietNamNet Bridge – Marriages between banks and financial firms are forecast to be vibrant this year, but industry experts assume such deals could bring banks both advantages and disadvantages. >>

4 – Philippines to have unified ATM network by next year

Awaited merger of the country’s three automated teller machine (ATM) networks could finally take place next year, paving the way for lower transaction costs for consumers, senior central bank and industry officials said late last week. >>

5 – Branch Banking And The Shift From Transactions to Interactions

As the attachment to traditional branches in banking continues to drop, a new method of network planning is required that revolves around building an enhanced customer experience. >>

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