April Wu

China Market Strategy

February 11, 2015

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Banking News This Week – Feb 11

The top 5 banking news stories in emerging markets this week.

1 – Pan-African Banks Expansion Could Boost Systemic Risks

A recent report noted that pan-African banks have a systemic presence in around 36 countries and are now more important than the continent’s long-established European and American banks.  >>

2 – Bill Gates predicts leap in mobile banking in Africa by 2030

The Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr Bill Gates, has predicted that by 2030, 80 per cent of African adults without accounts would be banking with their mobile phones.  >>

3 – Top Indonesia Banks Are Strong Without Needing to Merge: BNI

Indonesia’s biggest banks, among the world’s most profitable, are strong enough to face down overseas rivals without the need to merge with Southeast Asia’s economic integration.  >>

4 – Korean Banks Rushing to Southeast Asian Markets

Korean banks are focusing on overseas Asian markets, including the Philippines and India, so as to cope with the current low interest rate trend by means of their economic growth rates of over 7 percent and high loan-deposit spreads.  >>

5 – Tomorrow’s Banking Customers Demand Mobile Apps

More than half of consumers shopping for new checking accounts indicate that they want their new bank or credit union to provide mobile banking.  >>

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