Chris Hubbard

@chriswhubbard Market Strategy

March 18, 2014

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Data In Emerging Markets Guide

35 page whitepaper on understanding, using, and the future of data in emerging markets.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.54.43 AM


We are now offering the 2014 Data In Emerging Markets Guide for free to all new subscribers. This 35 page whitepaper covers the following topics:

Understanding Data

  • A Short History Of Geospatial Data
  • How Brand POI Data Is Made

Challenges With Data In Emerging Markets

  • Data Headaches In Emerging Markets
  • Field Survey Challenges For Retailers In China

Using Data In Emerging Markets

  • Using Geospatial Data For Strategic Benefits
  • Questions Data & GIS Can Help Banks Answer
  • How Data and Maps Can Help brands Expand Environmentally
  • Geospatial Tagging For Business
  • Using GIS in Retail and Banking

 The Future Of Data In Emerging Markets

  • How Big Data & Social Media Are Changing Retail
  • Innovative Ways To Use Social Media Data
  • How Big Data Is Changing Retail Analytics